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Transe Macabre

Another Plantagenet bastard: Sir Roger Clarendon

I did an earlier post about the illegitimate children of King John, and having come across some sources on Sir Roger Clarendon, the illegitimate son of Edward the Black Prince, I thought I'd share them with the comm.

Roger Clarendon was Prince Edward's son by Edith de Willesford (Calendar of Patent Rolls, 1381-1385
. Edith was living as late as May 8 1385. Proof of Roger's paternity comes from several contemporary sources, notably the register of the Guild of the Holy Trinity, which describes him as "Dominus Rogerus de Claryngdon, miles, filius excellentissimi domini nostri, Princicipis Wall." Perhaps Roger was born at the royal palace of Clarendon, Wiltshire, from whence he derived his surname.

In 1372, his grandfather Edward III granted Roger an annuity of £100 at the Exchequer. Edward the Black Prince bequeathed Roger a silk bed in his will, but did not specifically name him as his son. Roger married Margaret, the heiress of the Welsh barony of Roch, but they had no children and she was dead as of March 20 1386. Two years later, Roger killed Sir William Drayton in a duel, and was indicted for murder, but fled and became a fugitive for several years. In 1402, he was captured and accused of conspiracy against King Henry IV -- allegedly he had been spreading rumors that his half-brother, Richard II, was still alive. He was executed at Tyburn.
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